“But look,” Marta interrupted him, “how many lights there are in front of us. Everywhere there is light there is love. However different people are, however serious, they all fall in love. It may be hard to believe, but they are in love. Everywhere, in the streets, theaters, lectures, you will see people in love.”
“You don’t see straight. Or rather, you see only one side of things. You don’t notice work which is everywhere too.”
“I can see everything. But you don’t understand me, Yuri. You look at everything in an old-fashioned way, if you don’t mind my saying so. Perhaps you are right. But I want to be naive and beautiful and a little blind. I want to see everything better than it is, to believe in happiness, in something new. I want to wake up in the morning and sing. To go to bed and dream. I want this so much, Yuri. We mustn’t think about it too much. All of those people over there are in love without thinking and they feel well. But you told me to start thinking.”
– Valerian Pidmohylny, A Little Touch of Drama

Matisse, Henri. Woman Reading. 1894. Oil on canvas.
Matisse, Henri. Woman Reading. 1894. Oil on canvas.