Blake, William. Cerberus. 1827. Chalk, ink, pen, pencil, and watercolour on paper..jpg

. . . “Ciacco, il tuo affanno
mi pesa sì, che al lagrimar m’invita:
ma dimmi, se tu sai, a che verranno
li cittadin della città partita;
s’alcun v’è giusto; e dimmi la cagione
perché l’ha tanta discordia assalita”.

. . . “Ciacco, your suffering
so weighs on me that I am forced to weep;
but tell me, if you know, what end awaits
the citizens of that divided city;
is any just man there? Tell me the reason
why it has been assailed by so much schism.”

“Then Abraham came near and said, “Will you indeed sweep away the righteous with the wicked?”


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